Daily Fantasy Football Picks for Week 10

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Each week, I’ll be bringing you suggestions on good plays for DFS games on Fan Duel (FD) and Draft Kings (DK). Here are my targets for Week 10 Quarterback (QB) Blake Bortles $7,800 FD $5,600 DK- It seems strange to recommend Blake Bortles, but he has quietly put together a solid sophmore season and draws a premium matchup against a depleted Baltimore Ravens team. Keep an eye on Allen Hurns’s foot injury, but regardless, Bortles is a top play this week. Kirk Cousins $6,500 FD $5,200 DK- Another quarterback difficult to recommend but nevertheless one who is drawing a great matchup is Washington’s Kirk Cousins. Streaming quarterbacks against the awful New Orleans Saints defense has been a viable strategy. Cousins ...
Daily Fantasy Sports Targets by Kevin Miller

DFS Targets Week 6 by Kevin Miller

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Each week, I’ll be bringing you suggestions on good plays for DFS games on Fan Duel (FD) and Draft Kings (DK). After a 1 week hiatus, here are my targets for Week 6 Quarterback (QB) Andrew Luck $8,900 FD $7,600 DK- After a big fantasy day in a loss to the New England Patriots, Luck seemed to settle in after missing 2 weeks from a shoulder injury. With the highest over under of the week against a weak New Orleans Saints defense, Luck is the play if you are going in on a top shelf quarterback. Carson Palmer $8,200 FD $ 6,700 DK- The Cardinals struggled last week but that did not stop Carson Palmer from throwing for over 400 ...

DFS Diary: What I’ve Learned So Far

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This year I’ve taken a more serious approach to playing daily fantasy sports and while I’m not throwing around a ton of cash on a weekly basis, I’m taking a more disciplined and strategic approach to the game to (hopefully) grow my bankroll to become a more aggressive player. Moving forward I plan on recapping my most popular lineups to see where I went wrong and where I went right. Hopefully we can learn some valuable lessons this year to become more profitable, but at the very least it will be my personal therapy session. Before I get into my Week 3 cash game lineup I want to talk quickly about my game selection strategy. Game selection is something daily ...

Chasing the Daily Fantasy Sports Bonus

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As we get ready for the beginning of daily fantasy football season I'm taking you through a journey where we try to chase down that elusive DraftKings bonus. Yes, it's only three points, but it's three points you want, nay, need to have! I already took a look at what influences 300-yard performances for quarterbacks. Now, we'll take a look at the wide receiver position. Since both revolve around a team's passing game there will be a lot of similarities, but some factors veer off to a different path. For my analysis, I looked at data from 2010-2014 and over that time period there were 12,204 wide receiver weeks with more than one target. Of that group, 8.3 percent (1,010 ...
The Tom Brady Effect

The Tom Brady Effect

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Has anyone had a better week than Tom Brady? Seriously, let’s rewind to ten days ago. Brady was subject to an ongoing legal proceeding, was suspended for the first four games of the upcoming season with less than two weeks until opening night, and his legacy as arguably the greatest quarterback to ever play in the NFL was in the balance. To make matters worse, divorce rumors were swirling around that he and supermodel wife Giselle Buncheon were on the outs. Well this Labor Day redemption is spelled T-O-M. Brady’s four-game suspension has been lifted, his name has been cleared, and some heartwarming Instagram posts from the bootylicious Brazilian have quieted the divorce rumors. So after months of planning week ...

Saturation Point

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I love fantasy sports. After my girlfriend, family, friends, career, dog, Star Wars…well you get the picture. At any rate, I absolutely love everything about fantasy sports—researching players, talking shit with my opponents, winning, etc. Currently, I play in two season long fantasy football leagues and dabble in daily fantasy football contests. But I have definitely burnt myself out in the past. For example, I was part of three traditional fantasy football leagues last year, plus I dabbled in daily fantasy football on the side. I had trouble keeping up with all three--I was the Commissioner of one league, a member of a triumvirate in a second, and the third league I was in had a very unique and challenging ...

Chasing the Daily Fantasy Sports Bonus

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We've all been there before. Staring at your computer monitor and a list of players and prices. Your head is spinning, you're getting frustrated, and your decision-making is getting more clouded by the second. Yes, setting your daily fantasy football lineup can be a very daunting task. When it comes to football there are a ton of moving parts, and I mean a ton. You could be staring at Aaron Rodgers at $8,600, Andrew Luck at $8,300, Tony Romo at $7,300, and then Jameis Winston sitting at the bargain price of $6,000. But who should you start? Rodgers just lost Jordy Nelson, but has a juicy matchup vs. the Bears defense. Luck is probably the best player on the board, but ...
Fan2See Sports

How My Fantasy Favorites Inspired Fan2See Sports

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I’m not sure why I got started thinking about my “favorite” fantasy players. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that my league is holding its fantasy draft tomorrow. At any rate, I had this epiphany the other day about how certain players always end up on my fantasy roster. I can’t decide if I target these guys for their talent, their association with a team I like, or because one time they helped me win a championship. In some cases, it’s definitely a mix of all three of those reasons. This is especially the case for me with fantasy hockey. Somehow, someway, I get Patrice Bergeron of the Boston Bruins onto my fantasy hockey team. Not only ...

Bring Your Fantasy Draft to Life

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It’s August and we’ve made it to the familiar dog days of summer. If you’re like me, your favorite baseball team is out of it and you’re itching for the NFL and Fantasy Football to commence. One of the highlights of any fantasy football season is the annual draft. Unfortunately for some, myself included, planning a live draft can be stressful. So if your commissioner asked you to plan the draft, here are some ideas to help you find the perfect draft location. The two main obstacles to planning are money and space. Let’s start with everyone’s chief concern, money. Most venues will be looking for a minimum bar tab or food order to guarantee space for your fantasy football ...

Fantasy Sports and Social Capital

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In his 2000 book Bowling Alone, Robert Putnam wrote about the decline of social interaction in America. His premise is that American society has suffered as our participation in community building organizations (e.g. religious groups, labor unions, civic groups such as the Lions Club, etc.) has declined over the last fifty years. Putnam attributes this decline to a number of demographic and technological changes, including the rise of television and the internet. Although I can’t outright disagree with Putnam’s assertion that technology has changed the way Americans socialize with one another—living in Brooklyn, I’ve had to become an artful dodger in order to avoid people who are texting too furiously to pay attention where they’re walking-- I wonder if maybe ...