Daily Fantasy Football Picks for Week 10

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Each week, I’ll be bringing you suggestions on good plays for DFS games on Fan Duel (FD) and Draft Kings (DK). Here are my targets for Week 10 Quarterback (QB) Blake Bortles $7,800 FD $5,600 DK- It seems strange to recommend Blake Bortles, but he has quietly put together a solid sophmore season and draws a premium matchup against a depleted Baltimore Ravens team. Keep an eye on Allen Hurns’s foot injury, but regardless, Bortles is a top play this week. Kirk Cousins $6,500 FD $5,200 DK- Another quarterback difficult to recommend but nevertheless one who is drawing a great matchup is Washington’s Kirk Cousins. Streaming quarterbacks against the awful New Orleans Saints defense has been a viable strategy. Cousins ...
Daily Fantasy Sports Targets by Kevin Miller

DFS Targets Week 6 by Kevin Miller

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Each week, I’ll be bringing you suggestions on good plays for DFS games on Fan Duel (FD) and Draft Kings (DK). After a 1 week hiatus, here are my targets for Week 6 Quarterback (QB) Andrew Luck $8,900 FD $7,600 DK- After a big fantasy day in a loss to the New England Patriots, Luck seemed to settle in after missing 2 weeks from a shoulder injury. With the highest over under of the week against a weak New Orleans Saints defense, Luck is the play if you are going in on a top shelf quarterback. Carson Palmer $8,200 FD $ 6,700 DK- The Cardinals struggled last week but that did not stop Carson Palmer from throwing for over 400 ...

DFS Diary: What I’ve Learned So Far

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This year I’ve taken a more serious approach to playing daily fantasy sports and while I’m not throwing around a ton of cash on a weekly basis, I’m taking a more disciplined and strategic approach to the game to (hopefully) grow my bankroll to become a more aggressive player. Moving forward I plan on recapping my most popular lineups to see where I went wrong and where I went right. Hopefully we can learn some valuable lessons this year to become more profitable, but at the very least it will be my personal therapy session. Before I get into my Week 3 cash game lineup I want to talk quickly about my game selection strategy. Game selection is something daily ...
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DFS Picks for Week 3

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Each week, I’ll be bringing you suggestions on good plays for DFS games on Fan Duel (FD) and Draft Kings (DK). Here are my targets for Week 3. Quarterback (QB) Nick Foles $6,500 FD $5,200 DK- For those looking to go cheap at QB, Foles is a great option this week. He goes up against a Pittsburgh Steelers pass defense that is rated the worst in the league after two weeks. He should also not be that highly owned in tournaments after struggling last week in Washington. Look for them to throw early and often in attempt to keep up with the explosive Pittsburgh offense. Tom Brady $8,700 FD $7,700 DK- Brady and the New England Patriots have been massacring ...

Zero Running Back Strategy

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One of the up and coming fantasy strategies of late is the “Zero RB” strategy. This drafting strategy, typically employed by those with a late first round pick, avoids starting running backs in favor of wide receivers or an elite tight end such as Rob Gronkowski. Those players choosing to pursue this strategy target top end pass catchers in the first two rounds and often have the opportunity to snag a third stud such as T.Y Hilton, Alshon Jeffery, or Brandin Cooks. Quarterbacks such as Aaron Rodgers or Andrew Luck are also options in the third round for Zero Running Back strategists as well. Regardless of how you choose your structure, you will need to find running backs who not ...

Take a ride on the Tyrod Taylor Hype Train

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The prevailing wisdom in fantasy football circles recently has been that particpants should avoid investing too much in quarterbacks. This sentiment is born from changes in the NFL over the last 15 years, in which the League has taken steps to emphasis the passing game. The increase in passing volume has meant that the difference between the #1 and #10 scoring quarterback is less noticeable compared to the difference between the #1 and #10 scoring player at another position. In fact, the preponderenace of athletic quarterbacks has helped to offset some of the difference between top end and middle of the road quarterbacks. Signal callers like Cam Netwon and Russell Wilson , both of whom are considered more of dual ...
Daily Fantasy Sports Targets by Kevin Miller

Making Sense of the New Kids On The Block

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Fantasy football 101: Never trust a New England Patriots running back. That’s what the pundits say. All those other hot-aired talking heads have been flapping their gums spitting this rhetoric for years and years. Outside of the year of Stevan Ridley, the Corey Dillon era, and for those of you over the age of 28 – the Antowain Smith season – the bags of hot air have not been wrong. Last year was no different. We saw Jonas Gray go from complete unknown to the darling of the fantasy football world after a 40+ fantasy point outburst against the Colts. A few weeks later LeGarrette Blount return to the team and became the lead back down the stretch. Then every ...

Making a case for Martellus Bennett

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A flurry of offseason activity has shaken up the state of the tight end position group in fantasy football. In order to succeed, owners will need to devote a lot of thought to this position before their drafts. Rob Gronkowski sits atop the throne, head and shoulders above the rest, and is currently being drafted at the end of the first round. That is a steep price to pay for a tight end, even one of Gronk’s abilities. Jimmy Graham is now on the Seattle Seahawks and poses a serious risk, as he is playing in a new, run-first offense. Kansas City’s Travis Kelce is the trendy pick this year, but fantasy owners will have to spend a 4th-5th rounder ...

Sew deception, Reap value at your Draft this Year.

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August is an important month for me. Not only is it National Goat Cheese Month, it is also the official start of the NFL season. Like most of you, my league holds its annual draft in August. I’ve noticed that over the last few years, my league has settled into some serious group think. As I’ve played with the same group for more or less ten years, I’ve found that trades are harder to consummate and waiver wire success hinges on priority. The only place that I can reliably upset convention is in the draft. This year, try taking a kicker earlier than expected to grab some value and shake up a draft room. Conventional wisdom tells you to ignore ...

Drew Brees: Still worth the early investment?

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Hello my name is Kevin Miller and I’m looking forward to interacting with all of you at Fan2See sports as an active contributor. I wanted to start off by discussing one of the greatest QBs in the game for the past decade—Drew Brees. Brees is coming off another solid year but with the loss of key contributors and an aging body, is he still worth the early round investment? Let’s start by discussing what Brees has going for him in 2015. He is a veteran quarterback with a great coach in Sean Payton and Brees has a deep understanding of the Saints’ offensive system. Brees has one of the best 1-2 punches in the league at running back with Mark ...